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Another 12 Sofradir IR detectors lift-off into space

The ESA Sentinel-2B satellite developed for the Copernicus program, one of the most advanced Earth observation systems in the world, launched on March 7, 2017 carrying 12 Sofradir IR detectors onboard.

Sentinel-2B doubles the coverage of high-resolution optical imaging capabilities for the EU Copernicus environmental monitoring system, designed to provide policymakers with global operational data on forests, agricultural land and oceans as well as the atmosphere.

Along with its identical sister satellite, Sentinel-2A launched in June 2015, the Sentinel-2B satellite carries an innovative MultiSpectral Imager Instrument (MSI), which contains 12 shortwave detectors from Sofradir. The MSI with 13 spectral bands offers novel spectral capabilities and a field of vision covering 290km. Sofradir’s IR detectors contribute greatly to bringing unprecedented views of the Earth.



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