Sofradir is among the world’s leading developers of advanced infrared (IR) products. Since 1986, its broad range of high-performance and robust IR products have displayed solid reliability in ground vehicle situation awareness during combat and other extreme conditions.

It has supplied IR detectors for multiple ground vehicle applications such as armored vehicle commander and gunner sights, surveillance on vehicles, remote weapon stations, missile warning systems, and many more.

A key partner of many of the world’s leading system integrators, Sofradir delivers best-in-class products operating in the MWIR and LWIR wavebands to address all kinds of ground vehicle platforms and applications.  

Sofradir detectors are battlefield proven making it the IR detector supplier of reference for major programs. Taking advantage of the most advanced MCT, QWIP, InSb and InGaAs technologies, Sofradir offers the best IR product most adapted to meet any ground vehicle needs.