Sofradir aims to achieve overall quality, profitability, health, security, and environmental protection, whilst always striving to improve its work methods as well as individual and collective behavior. This initiative builds upon the participation of each individual with the aim of carrying out actions efficiently and effectively. Sofradir is ISO 14001 and EN 9100 certified and has implemented management systems.


The main elements of our continuous improvement initiative are:

Ensure that our suppliers and partners share our vision

We inform our stakeholders about our commitments to health, safety, environmental protection and continued improvement. We make sure that each person is made aware of the challenges and takes steps to make improvements in a timely fashion.

Prevent all types of accidents and accidental pollution risks

Preventive measures are as closely connected to business activities as possible. Managers are trained in basic risk prevention and monitor the safety of each site. Significant resources are deployed to lower risks and preserve the environment. Substantial risks and other significant identifiable environmental impacts are subject to periodic review.

Adhere to industry standards and other regulations

Sofradir carries out strict monitoring of all the standards and regulations that apply to it. Sofradir takes corrective action to address non-conformities to bring it in total compliance with industry standards.

Sofradir has a permit authorizing the use of hazardous materials at the Veurey-Voroize site.

By monitoring all the standards and regulations, we can anticipate new regulations that will be required in the future. The company meets the requirements for facilities classified for environmental protection and all other applicable legal requirements.

Control our impact on the environment

Designing, developing and manufacturing products according to specific rules aimed at preserving the environment are indispensable to the survival and the biodiversity of the planet for present and future generations.

At Sofradir, we have a voluntary and corporate citizenship approach to preserving natural resources, preventing pollution accidents and continuously improving how we control the impact of our activities on health and the environment. Our strategy involves the rigorous management of our sites and infrastructure. It involves incorporating health, security and environmental objectives at the outset from product design through all manufacturing procedures.


Continuously improving how we control the impact of our activities on health and the environment

Our policy is defined by work, health, security and environmental protection. Action plans are deployed throughout the organization.

Reduce our energy and water consumption

Substantial resources are deployed to curb energy and water consumption in our operations with the aim of limiting the impact of our activities on the environment.

Develop products and procedures aimed at preserving the environment

As part of our review of new designs and procedures, we analyze their impact on the environment.  Major efforts are made to substitute dangerous chemical products.

For major European space programs, Sofradir also develops products used to monitor the environment: earth observation and changes in the surface of oceans, etc.

Minimizing the impact of travel

Within the framework of Sofradir’s transportation plan, which addresses economic, social, security and the environmental considerations, steps have been taken to encourage and sustain environmentally friendly modes of travel from home to work.