Markets & our Achievements

Military applications have been the basis of Sofradir’s activity since it was founded in 1986. IR detectors from Sofradir are deployed in thermal imaging cameras, FLIR systems, missile seekers and other surveillance targeting and homing infrared equipment.

Long leader in the field, the company continues to head most of the important development and production IR detector projects for major programs in Europe, as well as other military projects around the world. Sofradir detectors have been deployed in battlefield equipment and proven in operation. Example of major program using Sofradir’s detectors includes the Storm Shadow/SCALP EG IR missile seeker, MICA IR air-to-air missile seeker, Damocles targeting and NAVFLIR navigation pods, Sophie hand held goggles, IRIS cameras, SADA II (Standard Advanced Dewar Assembly deployed in Bradley and Abrams, US armored vehicles) and ARTEMIS (deployed on FREMM vessel).

 In parallel to its product developments in the defense market, Sofradir has for many years also developed a range of products in the short wave, mid wave and long wave specially adapted for commercial applications, such as:


  • Scientific Research
  • Spectroscopy
  • Process control
  • Gas detection


Field of application cover numerous markets and Sofradir detectors are, for example, already in use in paper industry, in automotive industry, in gas detection…

Sofradir holds a unique position in Europe as the only company to have second-generation IR detectors on-board satellites: Venus Express, Helios II, Spirale.

Working in close cooperation with national space agencies and companies worldwide, Sofradir’s MCT IR detectors today observe deep space, perform Earth mapping, environment and disaster monitoring, and provide data on meteorological phenomena. 

Due to the flexibility of MCT technology and the high reliability of the hybridization process, Sofradir is able to offer space qualified detectors that cover a wide spectral range from the visible to 15 µm, in linear or area array format, with long-life coolers or without coolers for passive cooling.


As one of the top three world-leading IR component suppliers, Sofradir enables OEMs and system integrators to leverage to their advantage the many performance innovations and concepts Sofradir has introduced to the world.

Sofradir’s flagship technology, scientific and industrial partnerships, and world-class team of engineers have enabled it to be the first to bring many innovative products to the market and to gain worldwide recognition as a top and reliable worldwide supplier since its founding in 1986. Sofradir’s most notable accomplishments are as follows:


  • As a result of the producibility of its MCT technology, Sofradir quickly became a supplier for the U.S. Army SADA II program
  • Sofradir was the first company to introduce small pitch (15 micron pixel) and very compact IR detectors to the market, fabricated in large volumes (Epsilon, Scorpio)
  • Sofradir was the first to make commercially available the largest infrared imaging array – 1280 x 1024 (Jupiter)
  • In 2009, Sofradir was the first company to supply industrial quantities of HOT (high operating temperature) IDDCA (30K higher than competitors)


In 2012, Sofradir showcased the first tactical 10 µm pitch FPA.