Technical abstracts

Present and future infrared detectors for missile systems

Missile defense 2012



Sofradir was awarded in the late 90's for the production of the 320x256 MW detector for major european missile programs.

These production orders have established SOFRADIR as a key actor in the field of missile programs. These production orders have established a vast portfolio of lightweight, compact and high performance JT-based solutions for missiles. Among this product family, one can find brand new AQUILA, featuring 384x288 pixels with 15µm picth, offered in a miniature Joule-Thomson cooled dewar ( 52 mm x ∅30mm, 80gr). This module, designed ultrafast cooldown time, is adaptedto severe mechanical environment constraints with lifetime exceeding 20 years and no maintenance. At the same time, the 3rd generation of detectors is emerging based on technological achievements in dual band pixel, amplified photodiodes or hot operating temperature diode. Products portfolio, as well as latest results and performances are presented outlining the availability of new technologies for present and future missile developments.


Dr. Yann Reibel
Sofradir, Technical department

Technical abstracts