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Infrared detectors , LW , MW-LW dual-band , QWIP

“QWIP infrared detector production line results"






Since 1997, Sofradir has been working with Thales & Research Technologies (TRT) to develop and produce Quantum Well Infrared Photodetectors (QWIP) as a complementary offer with Mercury Cadmium Telluride (MCT) Long Wave (LW) detectors, to provide large LW staring arrays.

Thanks to the low dark current technology developed by TRT, the QWIP detectors can be operated at FPA temperature above 73K, enabling the production of compact IR cameras thanks to the use of compact microcoolers. The TV/2 VEGA-LW detector (25µm pitch 384×288 IDDCA) is integrated in the Catherine-XP thermal imager from Thales. To date, more than one thousand units have been manufactured. The TV SIRIUS-LW detector (20µm pitch 640×512 IDDCA) is integrated in the Catherine-MP thermal imager from Thales. To date, several hundreds of units have been manufactured. We will discuss in this paper statistical results of these productions, which highlight the stability of the TRT QWIP technology.
Thanks to this mature technology, TRT and Sofradir have been able to increase the QWIP wafer size from 3 inches to 4 inches, without any impact on yields and FPA performances.

A dual-band MW-LW QWIP detector (25µm pitch 384×288 IDDCA) is currently under development. We will present in this paper its latest results.

AUTHORS :        

Michel Runtz (a), Yann Reibel (a), Eric Costard (b), Alexandru Nedelcu (b), Vincent Guériaux (c),
Véronique Besnard (c), Arnauld Mouette (c), William Johnston (d)

(a) SOFRADIR, 43-47 rue Camille Pelletan, 92290 CHÂTENAY-MALABRY, France
(b) THALES RESEARCH & TECHNOLOGIES, Route dép. 28, 91767 Palaiseau Cedex, France
(c) THALES OPTRONIQUE SA, 2 Avenue Gay Lussac, 78990 Elancourt, France
(d) THALES OPTRONICS Ltd, 1 Linthouse Road, Glasgow G51 4BZ, U.K.


Technical abstracts