Press release

Season’s Greetings from Philippe Bensussan, President & CEO

On behalf of the team at Sofradir, I would like to wish everyone a happy new year and the very best in 2013.

Thanks to our customers, we are proud to announce that 2012 was a very good year for Sofradir resulting in a 10% sales increase. Moreover, this year, we are starting on a highly positive note. We have a significantly reinforced Infrared (IR) technology capacity to offer customers more choice in IR imaging. Sofradir is pleased to welcome to our team former Thales and Sagem staff associated with the IR technology transfer, as well as Laurent Fullana who has been appointed as General Manager.

Our recent acquisition of three infrared technologies (InSb, QWIP and InGaAs), including manufacturing facilities and personnel, is an excellent fit for Sofradir. It leverages Sofradir’s existing strong capabilities in IR. This means we, along with ULIS, will be able to select from our complete portfolio of IR technologies the product best suited to our clients’ applications. Customers will soon see the benefits of this fortified position that will provide them with IR products to give them a competitive market edge.

First in the 2013 program will be a number of new IR detector demonstrators. These are aimed at helping system manufacturers bring more innovation, added performance and compactness to SWAP capabilities and identification range products.

All of our resources are focused on bringing greater customer satisfaction. We wish our customers, partners and other collaborators much success in 2013.

Best regards


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