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Sofradir abstract for Special Issue of Defense Science Journal May 2013


This short article describes the recent developments of cooled infrared products at Sofradir.


These developments are driven by the future systems needs like the increase in resolution and detection range, the reduction of the detector size and consequently of the pixel pitch and the reduction of the power consumption. To answer to these needs, Sofradir develops in collaboration with the French infrared laboratory (CEA-LETI) new products based on Mercury Cadmium Telluride technology: Scorpio LW 640x512/15 µm pitch, sensitive in the long wavelength, Jupiter MW 1280x1024/15µm pitch sensitive in mid wavelength, HOT detectors operating at 150K and the 10µm pitch detectors. 


A. Rouvié, O. Huet, JP. Truffer, M. Pozzi, J. Decobert, E. Costard
III-VLab, 1 avenue Augustin Fresnel, 91747 Palaiseau, France
Michel Zécri, P. Maillart, Yann Reibel, A. Pécheur
SOFRADIR 43 rue C. Pelletan 92290 Chatenay Malabry, France


Technical abstracts