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Sofradir joined CEA-Leti delegation to welcome President François Hollande

Philippe Bensussan, chairman of the Sofradir Group, joined the delegation at CEA-Leti to welcome French president François Hollande to Grenoble on March 18, 2017. The president announced his government’s support for a new semiconductor industry program, Nano 2022.

As an exemplary story of a successful spin-off from the CEA-Leti, the Sofradir Group was selected to present several of its product innovations. These included Sofradir’s Daphnis MW, the world’s first 10-micron pixel infrared detector, and ULIS’ latest Thermal Activity Sensor (TAS) designed for advanced occupancy sensing in new and existing buildings. Since Sofradir’s founding in 1986 and ULIS’ founding in 2002, the Group has grown to become a global leader in both infrared detectors and thermal image sensors. Employing roughly 900 staff, the Group generated €210 million ($230 million) in revenues in 2016, sustaining its double-digit growth. Mr. Bensussan discussed the Sofradir Group’s keys to success with president Hollande:

• From the start, significant French government investment in the Group’s industrial development inspired by a long-term vision • The strength of the Group’s unique marketing positioning as a ‘merchant’ supplier • Innovation as a key driver of market competitiveness enabled by a very efficiently run R&T (co-ownership of external laboratories) and a significantly self-financed and robust R&D • Ongoing need for state subsidies in R&D and industrial development, including pilot production lines to ensure the Group’s continued world leadership, and French and European autonomy in the infrared market.

(photo credit: Pierre Jayet) visite-hollande-18-mars-2017-pierre-jayet0010


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