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SWIR InGaAs focal plane arrays in France



SWIR detection band benefits from natural (sun, night glow, thermal radiation) or artificial (eye safe lasers) photons sources combined to low atmospheric absorption and specific contrast compared to visible wavelengths. It gives the opportunity to address a large spectrum of applications such as defense and security (night vision, active imaging), space (earth observation), transport (automotive safety) or industry (non destructive process control).
InGaAs material appears as a good candidate to satisfy SWIR detection needs. The lattice matching with InP constitutes a double advantage to this material: attractive production capacity and uncooled operation thanks to low dark current level induced by high quality material.
For few years, III-VLab has been studying InGaAs imagery, gathering expertise in InGaAs material growth and imaging technology respectively from Alcatel-Lucent and Thales, its two mother companies. This work has lead to put quickly on the market a 320x256 InGaAs module, exhibiting high performances in terms of dark current, uniformity and quantum efficiency.
More recently, III-VLab is developing in close collaboration with SOFRADIR the next SWIR InGaAS product generation like VGA formats in both 25µm and 15µm pitch.
In this paper, we present the last developments achieved in France and the foreseen road map for decreasing the pitch of the arrays as well.


A. Rouvié, O. Huet, JP. Truffer, M. Pozzi, J. Decobert, E. Costard
III-VLab, 1 avenue Augustin Fresnel, 91747 Palaiseau, France
Michel Zécri, P. Maillart, Yann Reibel, A. Pécheur
SOFRADIR 43 rue C. Pelletan 92290 Chatenay Malabry, France



Technical abstracts