InSb Technology

InSb Technology for very stable, large format and high performances Middle Wave Infra-Red detectors

The Czochralski-grown InSb material is a very stable and uniform III-V semiconductor sensitive in the MWIR spectrum at 77K with high quantum efficiency. The very good quality of the InSb bulk allows the standard planar process of fabrication to be epitaxy-free and to produce easy-to-operate focal plane arrays with a very high operability, low NETD and with very high gain stability.


The InSb MWIR detectors show: 

  • Very high uniformity under very large format
  • Very high stability of its high performances
  • Very high operability
  • Easy to implement capabilities on systems


MWIR InSb Focal Plane arrays are widely developed around the world since the late 50’s. From the 1th (simple photodiode) to the 3rd generation (large scale matrix) of MWIR detectors, InSb photovoltaic or photoconductive technologies have been successfully used for thermal imaging in numerous civil or military systems. In France it has been performed by the Societe Anonyme de Telecommunication as early as the 70’s and then by SAGEM only for internal needs. In January 2013, the transfer to Sofradir has allowed this activity to address the world-wide market. Thanks to this experience acquired after these several years of development and production, well mastered, stabilized and reliable processes have been set up to put on the market high performances MWIR detectors